Assignment 1

For your first assignment, you will have to select one of Du Bois's other graphs and recreate it in the same way as we did together with Plate 39. A few considerations:

  • Stay away from maps for now. We'll cover those in a few weeks.
  • In order of difficulty of the remaining charts:
    1. Bar charts are likely to be the simplest to execute (using the rect element).
    2. Line charts (use the path element, see MDN)
    3. Bar charts with curves can be done using the path element and curves/arcs.
    4. Pie charts are similar in this regard, but require a bit more math

Even if you already are familiar with Javascript, constrain yourself to using only HTML/SVG and CSS for this assignment. Don't worry – we will unleash the power of Javascript soon enough.

You can use the boilerplate CodeSandbox below as a starting point. Fork it and save to your own CodeSandBox account. Once you are finished, navigate to your own Github repository at[your-name]. Create a new issue, title it 'Assignment 1 by [your_name]', and include both a screenshot of the final result as well as a link to the CodeSandbox.