Assignment 2

For your second assignment, you should recreate your graph from the first assignment using JavaScript instead of only HTML/CSS. A few things to consider:

  • Experiment with the foundational concepts you have learned so far. At the very least you should consider:
    1. Store your chart data in an array or object.
    2. Use a loop to programmatically build each item in your chart.
    3. Use one or more functions to help structure and maintain legibility of your code.
  • Deviate from Du Bois' original work in one important way: think of a way to add a simple user interaction to your graph. This could be purely visual (e.g. color change; slight change in size of an element; a small positional jump) or more informative (e.g. a tooltip that displays information about a chart element).
  • If your original graph does not work so well for this assignment, feel free to pick a different one.

You can use the boilerplate CodeSandbox below as a starting point or use the CodeSandbox from your previous assignment. Once you are finished, navigate to your own Github repository at[your-name]. Create a new issue, title it 'Assignment 2 by [your_name]', and include both a screenshot of the final result as well as a link to the CodeSandbox that belongs to Assignment 2.