Assignment 3 Submissions

You will find a gallery of all Assignment 3 submissions here. The submissions are categorized by the original Du Bois plate they are reproducing. Each submission is displayed using a screenshot, clicking on the screenshot will bring you to the CodeSandbox where you can inspect the code behind each submission.

N.B. The goal of this assignment is to create a faithful reproduction of Du Bois' original work. This includes the use of the word 'negro' by Du Bois to refer to African Americans. The term was in common and conventional use by African Americans around the turn of the 19th century, but is now considered inappropriate or inoffensive. It is used here only in this specific historical context and in direct quotes or titles from Du Bois' work.

'Age distribution of Georgia Negroes compared with France.'

Repro by Marcus734568

'American Negro newspapers and periodicals.'

Repro by jeancjw

'Assessed value of property owned by Negroes in three states of the United States.'

Repro by ktronquillo

'City and rural population. 1890.'

Repro by 5v1n0

'Condition of 300 Negro farm tenants after 1 year toil, 1898.'

Repro by hayley-starr
Repro by SunnyRY

'Crime among American Negroes.'

Repro by hadi91
Repro by garethgc

'Enrollment in the Negro common schools of the former slave states of the United States.'

Repro by adriantanjm

'Negro children enrolled in the public schools.'

Repro by jiaxin7310

'Negro population of Georgia.'

Repro by jolinkwan

'Negro teachers in Georgia public schools.'

Repro by angiewny

'Number of Negro students taking the various courses of study offered in Georgia schools.'

Repro by michellesutd

'Occupations in which 10,000 or more American Negroes are engaged.'

Repro by yEngineer7
Repro by liunuozhi
Repro by qiuhongh

'Occupations of Negroes and Whites in Georgia.'

Repro by teoyangrui
Repro by anirudhgovind

'Race amalgamation in Georgia based on a study of 40,000 individuals of Negro descent.'

Repro by lieowsw