Assignment 3

For your third assignment, you will recreate your graph from the first two assignments once more, but now utilizing the Svelte front-end framework. A few things to consider:

  • Experiment with the foundational concepts you have learned so far. At the very least you should consider:
    1. Store your chart data in an array or object.
    2. Make use of Svelte's template syntax, including each and if blocks where appropriate, to express your visualization.
    3. No longer rely on your own pixel measurements derived from the original char but use the scaleLinear function from d3-scale to convert data values to the appropriate pixel values.
  • Deviate from Du Bois' original work in one important way: think of a way to add a simple user interaction to your graph. This could be purely visual (e.g. color change; slight change in size of an element; a small positional jump) or more informative (e.g. a tooltip that displays information about a chart element).
  • If your original graph does not work so well for this assignment, feel free to pick a different one.

You can use the boilerplate CodeSandbox below as a starting point or use the CodeSandbox from your previous assignment. Once you are finished, navigate to your own Github repository at[your-name]. Create a new issue, title it 'Assignment 3 by [your_name]', and include both a screenshot of the final result as well as a link to the CodeSandbox that belongs to Assignment 3.