Assignment 4

For your fourth assignment, you will build out and polish the data visualization of HDB resale transactions that we started in class.

  • Include at least 6 facets – with min. 3 new facets/views on the dataset that we haven't yet touched on in class. Think about how each view allows the user to develop a deeper understanding of the dataset/topic at hand.
  • You can position all facets manually, or create a more automated placement with <Grid>. You can choose to display all facets at once, or change the display based on some user interaction.
  • Include at least two specific interactions that allow the user to 'manipulate the view' (VAD Chapter 11).
  • Think through the use of visual elements on the page (color, fonts, etc. - probably a good idea to move away from the default black).
  • Include some context! Titles, a short paragraph explaining both the data and some insights that can be derived from your visualization, etc. It's a good opportunity to practice doing this now, with an eye on your final project.

You can use the boilerplate CodeSandbox below as a starting point. Once you are finished, navigate to your own Github repository at[your-name]. Create a new issue, title it 'Assignment 4 by [your_name]', and include both a screenshot of the final result as well as a link to the CodeSandbox that belongs to Assignment 4.